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How to get over the fear of starting a new business


I am sharing a few words of encouragement and tips on how to get over the fear of starting a new business or any new venture. I remember when I started my business, it had been three years in the making, three years of longing, praying, researching, building, validation, planning, you get it… I know the doubt, the overthinking, over planning and the indecision…

Should I start? Should I not? Do I know or have enough or should I keep researching? Feeling unsure is normal but if you have this nagging feeling in you I think that it is worth taking calculated risks. I have already shared a few posts here on how you get started. The reality is, you will never know until you try, and from what I have seen in myself and so many other entrepreneurs is that the fear of success is as prevalent as the fear of failure. Who we become in the process is as equally scary and the strides that we are making in the industry.

Decision fatigue is a real and common challenge for entrepreneurs, but with a structured approach and the willingness to adapt, you can beat analysis paralysis. This is a prevalent ailment that often stifles the most promising talent; the key is to take that first step, for it is in the journey that you will truly learn, grow, and achieve the success you have been striving for. Don’t let indecision hold you back; instead, use it as the fuel for your entrepreneurial fire.

Otherwise you will become trapped in a cycle of overanalyzing every detail, and as a result, you find yourself stuck in a perpetual state of inaction. I am going to discuss ways to break free from this paralyzing cycle and embark on your entrepreneurial journey with unwavering confidence. The way you build momentum in business is by taking it in one day at a time, is by making sure that you are moving in the right direction and that you are moved not only by passion but facts.

You might find yourself tangled in the web of self-deception, or poor self-image, you need a healthy view of yourself and a clear understanding of your surrounding which takes me to another pivotal point. Understanding timing in business! Y’all know KFC would have had a difficult time entering this market of conscious eater! But at the time it was successful launched and expanded it was just what the society at the time needed. So if you are working around a new concept and pioneering a new industry understand that you might have to spend a lot of money on research, marketing and education. Sometimes it is just safe to go for what works, but I would never recommend anyone to do something that does not feel right for them. We are about making money doing what we want and what we love!

So my advice in this digital age, where we have access to an overwhelming amount of information, which often lead to cognitive overload, is that you streamline and be selective about the information that you consume and that you move with understanding that even the wrong choices might lead you to success. Be very selective about who you listen to, and vet every piece of information that you get from this wonderful place called the internet.

I am also cognizant of the fact that our fear of failure is deeply rooted in our psyche, and it manifests as a reluctance to take risks, this risk aversion is what keeps sometimes from God’s best for our lives. Perfectionism (or whatever you want to call it, because I don’t believe there is such a thing) is another psychological factor that contributes to analysis paralysis. When we set unrealistically high standards for ourselves, and this makes it challenging to make decisions because we are constantly fine-tuning details rather than taking action.

Then we have self-sabotage and fear of ridicule, and as a recovering self-saboteur I can tell you that this will ruin every good thing in your life. I find that mine was deeply rooted in a feeling of unworthiness and a poor sense of self, so it even becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and if not dealt with can lead to a life of blaming the world and being a resentful and bitter person.

Taking accountability for our lives is what makes it worth our while, in business time is often of the essence. Overthinking and prolonged decision-making can result in missed opportunities. Markets change quickly, and competitors are always on the move. If you suffer from analysis paralysis, you may find themselves trailing behind more decisive competitors. I hope that won’t be you anymore and that you are ready to bet on yourself and begin your journey, I hope that I gave you a bit to think about and you are to take this wonderful and unpredictable voyage. Here are the steps to beat analysis paralysis and set yourself on the path to entrepreneurial success:

  1. Self-awareness is the first step: recognize when analysis paralysis is taking hold and identify the underlying causes, whether they are fear, perfectionism, or information overload.
  2. Establish guidelines for decision making: define clear criteria that decisions should meet, and set time limits for making them so that you can prevent overthinking.
  3. Consult with mentors, advisors, or colleagues: engage with others that way they can provide you valuable perspectives and help in the decision-making process.
  4. Create a clear plan of action: develop a clear and comprehensive plan for your venture, outline your goals, objectives, and the steps needed to achieve them. Your plan should be a roadmap that you and your team can follow.
  5. Start with smaller decisions: work your way up to more significant choices, this can help you build confidence and reduce analysis paralysis. In project management it is called a work break down structure, you essential break down bigger tasks into small and manageable activities.
  6. Assign key metrics and performance indicators: these will serve as your compass, helping you stay on course and measure your success. Whether it is sales targets, website traffic, or customer satisfaction, clearly defined metrics keep you focused.
  7. Learn to say No: As an entrepreneur, you will encounter countless opportunities, partnerships, and distractions. It is essential to recognize when an opportunity aligns with your goals and when it doesn’t. Saying “no” to distractions can save you time and energy, ensuring that your decisions are reserved for the truly important matters and that you only do things that align with your business overall vision and values.
  8. Stay informed but avoid overthinking: set a limit on research and decision-making time, and stick to it. Trust your instincts and the knowledge you are acquiring, and make a decision. The experience of acting will often teach you more than endless analysis and planning.
  9. Embrace the Pivot: no plan is set in stone, as you move forward, you may need to adjust your strategy based on real-world feedback. Embrace the pivot when necessary, and view it as a natural part of the entrepreneurial journey. Becoming adaptable is this ever-changing and challenging digital landscape is what will you your business afloat.
  10. And last but not least, enjoy the journey and relish in the small pleasures and teaching experiences that you are gaining on the journey!

As usual, I am rooting for y’all and cannot wait to hear about your success! Please share your thoughts in the comment section below…. eager to hear from you! Rooting for you!



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