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10. 8 Effective ways to keep the creative juice flowing


I have been in a bit of a creative funk lately, like I write down my ideas on let’s say content then I come up with more ideas but nothing really materializes because I essentially just overthink the whole process and end up doing absolutely nothing about it. It has created a restlessness in my mind that has greatly affected my sleep hence I am troubled whether awake or asleep or some version of sleep. Now what I know to be true is that creativity is an unpredictable muse, and for many, staying inspired can be a challenging at time.

We’ve all experienced those moments when the well of creativity seems to run dry, leaving us feeling stuck and uninspired. But fear not; there are numerous ways that I have found to keep those creative juices flowing and stay in an inspired state. Today I am sharing with you actionable perspectives that I have afforded myself in order to get out of my funk so that you can do the same and tap into your creative potential. Creativity is an inherent part of being human, and inspiration is always within reach. Here are the 8 ways you can keep the creative juice flowing:

1.Dispel the Myth of Uninspiration: One of the first steps to maintaining a creative mindset is to debunk the myth that you’re uninspired. Recognize that inspiration is a dynamic force, always present, and that you have the power to tap into it at any moment. As Maya Angelou, once said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” It is myth to say you are uninspired: what that really means is that things didn’t turn out your way so you assume that your creativity was wasted and become discouraged, you are exhausted or comparing. It is time for a re-evaluation and redirection.

2. Don’t Postpone Your Creative Impulses: Procrastination can be a creativity killer, I know that first hand. When you feel a surge of creativity or inspiration, don’t postpone it. Act on it immediately, whether it’s jotting down an idea, sketching a concept, or starting a new project. This immediate action keeps the creative flow alive and please bear in mind that when inspiration strikes it doesn’t strike again at least not in the same way. It finds another willing vessel to move into

3. Cultivate a Constant State of Wonder: Embrace the world with a childlike curiosity. Cultivate a constant state of wonder by exploring the world around you. Embracing curiosity opens your mind to endless possibilities. Be in constant state of wonder: feed your curiosity, find brain stimulating activities, content, conversation, learn a new skill, language. Inspiration is everywhere we have start looking and be amazed.

4. Embrace Ambiguity: Creative thinking thrives in ambiguity and uncertainty. Rather than seeking rigid answers, embrace the ambiguity that comes with the creative process. Now I am not going to lie, I hate ambiguity with a passion, but when ideas come to you they are usually in the raw state and it is up to you to process it until you have a finished product or is it ever finished? I don’t know But you get the point, don’t be overwhelmed by your creativity, take it bit by bit.

5. Seek Clarity: While embracing ambiguity is important, seeking clarity is equally essential. Let me explain, clarify your goals, intentions, and the message you want to convey through your creativity. Once that you have dealt with ambiguity you can create from a place of flow, purity, by asking the right questions and seeking the truth and be authentic in your expression. I don’t mean to confuse you but there is not a one size fits all model here, it is a unique experience that must be lived and re-lived. You know what I mean?

6. Reflect on Your Initial Inspiration: Reconnect with the initial spark that inspired you in the first place. Whether it was a particular experience, a person, or a deep passion, revisiting your roots can reignite your creative fire. Think of people like Beethoven who continued to compose groundbreaking music even after becoming deaf because of his unwavering love for music. So why were you inspired in the first place and what drove you to a place of inspiration, was it inquisitive, pure fun, obligation, art, etc. the motive is as important as the outcome, that is why a lot of creatives go mad. There are working toward translating something only them know, feel but don’t fully understand.

7. Let Your Subconscious Work During Rest: Sometimes, the most significant creative breakthroughs happen when we’re not consciously focused on the problem. Give your subconscious mind the chance to work through challenges by taking breaks, resting, or simply doing something different. Many creative minds, including Thomas Edison, experienced ‘eureka’ moments during moments of relaxation and rest. Take a step back and watch from a distance or disconnect completely to allow your mind to rest and ruminate on the work at hand.

8. Believe That You Deserve the Best: Build a sense of self and believe in your creative abilities. Cultivate the belief that you deserve the best in your creative pursuits. This self-confidence will sustain your commitment and drive. You are enough and worthy of every good thing that is coming to you, don’t let setbacks fool you there are only there to test and help you build your creative muscles.

So those are the key steps that I take and I hope they are going to help you keep the creative juice flowing. This still requires ongoing effort and experimentation. By embracing mindfulness, surrounding yourself with inspiring individuals, maintaining a creative journal, and exploring diverse environments, you can truly build a solid creative portfolio. Reading widely, collaborating with your peers, and breaking routine with exercise can also invigorate your creativity. Remember, failure can be a friend, and self-care is a non-negotiable component of the creative process. So there you have it friend I hope I gave you something to think about and that it will help become an even better creative entrepreneur. I am going to leave with this quite by steve jobs:

Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”



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