This is for the christian who feels like God is calling them into a deeper relationship but whose life's painful detours have weakened their resolve to go after the life that God has planned for them.

This is a time for re-evaluation and deep introspection to identify your blindspots and the hindrances that are stopping you from going after God’s purpose for your life. This is the work that I had to do to see my way clearly after a series of setbacks. I had to recognise that the way I knew and view God were not in line with what God had for my life, I had to re-adjust my spiritual lenses to see Him as He is not through the lens of my pain. So if this sounds familiar, I invite to take on this journey with me so that I share with you what God taught in my lowest season.


You will immerse yourself in the Word of God and be challenged to look deep inside yourself so that it can heal you and set you on the path that God has for you for the glory of His Name. This journey involves a deep and committed engagement with scripture, allowing its teachings to penetrate your heart and mind.

By immersing yourself in God’s Word, you open yourself to profound insights and divine wisdom that can illuminate your life’s purpose and direction. This process is both practical and inspirational, encouraging you to apply biblical principles to everyday life while also drawing motivation and strength from God’s promises.

It is a meditative practice, inviting you to reflect deeply on your thoughts, actions, and spiritual condition. This introspection is vital for identifying areas in need of healing and growth, enabling you to confront and overcome personal challenges and spiritual obstacles.

40 day soul cleanse



1. your story

Unpack your history in order to understand yourself and the stories you tell yourself. This means delving into your past experiences, examining the pivotal moments that have shaped your identity, and acknowledging the influences that have molded your perceptions. By exploring your personal history, you can uncover the roots of your beliefs, habits, and emotional responses.



Understanding your patterns and dysfunctional behaviors so that God can heal them. This involves a conscious and honest examination of the recurring actions and thoughts that negatively impact your life.  By identifying these patterns, whether they manifest as unhealthy relationships, self-destructive habits, or persistent negative thoughts, we can bring them to light and understand their origins and triggers.



This entails seeking a deep, personal connection with the Lord to uncover the unique mission and path meant for us. Through prayer, meditation, and spiritual reflection, we can open ourselves to God’s presence and guidance. This intimate relationship with God helps clarify our true purpose, revealing the gifts and talents we are meant to share with the world.




Renewing our minds entails a transformative process of shedding old mindsets and embracing God’s perspective and truth. It requires us to challenge ingrained patterns of thinking that hinder our spiritual growth and openness to God’s will. Through spiritual practices, we invite God to reshape our thoughts and perceptions, enabling us to see ourselves through the lens of divine love and wisdom.



your questions answered

Anyone seeking to strengthen their Christian faith, gain spiritual clarity, and improve their emotional and mental well-being is welcome to join.

The 40-Day Soul cleanse includes daily activities such as devotional, prayer, Bible study, meditation, journaling, and reflective practices. Participants will receive a structured guide with daily scripture readings, prompts, and exercises to support their spiritual journey.

Participants will have access to a supportive Christian community where they can share experiences, ask questions, prayer and offer encouragement. There will also be threads and discussion in the community to help you stay motivated and engaged

The daily practices can vary in length, but on average, you should set aside 30-60 minutes each day for the activities. It’s important to create a consistent routine to fully benefit from the 40-day soul cleanse.

All you need is a Bible, a journal, a quiet space for prayer and meditation, and an open heart. Any additional materials or tools will be optional and suggested as enhancements to your experience.

You can join by signing up on our website. Once registered, you will receive an email notification and information when we are open. I look forward to welcoming you to our community!

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