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The art of creating and becoming: 6 ways to overcome self-doubt and begin your creative journey


Our passion for form expresses our yearning to make the world adequate to our needs, desires, and more importantly, to experience ourselves as having significance. This new form that suddenly presents itself, comes in order to complete a hitherto incomplete gestalt with which are the struggling in conscious awareness, the mind thus is an active process of forming and re-forming the world.

This passion for form is a way of trying to find and constitute meaning in life and this is what genuine creativity is; it is a central aspect of what he is describing as the experience of identity: I am to shape feelings, sensibilities, enjoyments, and hopes into patterns that makes me aware of myself as man and woman. But I cannot shape them into a pattern as purely subjective act. I can do it only as I am related to the immediate objective world in which I live.” ROLLO MAY


The lie that is too often believed is that some people are creative and some are not, or worse people who are afraid to express themselves for fear of ridicule, judgment, or rejection. We have little to no control over our circumstance or outside pressures but we can do is to decide to live authentically and choose freedom of the mind over fear.

This is an encouraging message for all creatives out there who are afraid to dream, afraid to be; nothing should transcend our ability to create, it is intrinsic to our well-being. So what are you going to create? In what areas do you struggle most in regards to your creativity?

We live in a noisy world that celebrates successes and conceals failure, creating a buzz around ideas and businesses that would make the average person feel left out and miserable. Creative people in their sensitivity often relinquish the idea of pursuing a project or starting a business because it can be overwhelming and they are often too critical of their own work, some introspections go like this: Why bother creating? Everything has been done already or am I good enough? Would anyone even notice what I have created?

While I am not here to insult your intelligence and tell you that once you start creating success will fall at your feet, I just know that not creating is another form of death for the creative mind. Creativity is quintessential to our emotional health, it is who we are. 

We are created in the image of God who is a creator and if you look at his body of work you will see that He enjoys and diversity. So today I wanted us to discuss ways in which you can build the confidence to go after the life that you want and create an impact doing what you love; because I suspect you already know what it is but you are afraid to put it out.

The reason I am so adamant about helping my fellow creators in particular aside from being one myself is that I understand the intricacies that come from and with creating; that there is a conceptual process that isn’t necessarily logical, linear or quantifiable and that requires authenticity and persistence that we somehow all abide by in our own unique ways. So here are some of the ways that you can apply to your live to build your creative confidence:



Start anew, give yourself time for reflection and clarity, decide on the way forward, and rewrite your history if you must.  Life often feels like a paradox, within this dual space is the drama of wanting to live ourselves based on an ideal that did not pan out, that is where we get stuck. Accept your reality, choose humility, and become a student of life.


Adopt unpredictability as the new norm, the new order, the only order really because as much as we like to control and plan our lives nothing turns out as expected, unexpected twists and turns await us along the way; we inevitably we hit roadblocks and dead ends. However, you have to keep this in mind, that you are fully equipped for the journey ahead; you have to be in agreement with yourselves and rest in the fact that we are not here by accident.

It will not be easy or fair, life’s journey is not linear, it’s more like scrambled with all sorts of mixed signals that sometimes lead to confusion and pain but nonetheless awakens us to the process of evolving into who you are meant to be.  On the journey failure, disappointments will hold you down, adversity, the furnace of change will distort the view you have of your worthiness; this journey to success is costly so commit to the work, to the process of becoming. This is a call open to the curious soul willing to embrace uncertainty, avoid clichés and labels.


Translate your ideas into workable, enjoyable forms of art beneficial to all who seek it. Be of service. Let the art of creation, the design of your artistic mind carve your life, through the expression of deep beliefs rooted in the mundane miracle of life.  

Showcase your uniqueness, ignore the lure of pragmatism, and find your meaning in the chaotic routine and demands of society; you owe it to your Creator to bring forth something of worth. Be fluent in the language of mystery, embrace your individuality wholeheartedly, stay with the questions, ignore your fears, educate your mind, feed your soul, live life on your own terms; and remember to heed the nudges, the little whispers your intuition leading you to where you have always known that you are supposed to be. 


Every great inventor was once an amateur, an apprentice so be patient with yourself, and honor your creative space as a place of meaning and purpose, a way of honoring your Maker by fulfilling your calling. In the echoing of the soul, quiet the ego which has no place in your creative pursuits, don’t linger so much with expectations that when the time your dreams are about to manifest you are too exhausted to appreciate or even recognize them.

This is an area in which I struggle a lot, I get so obsessed with the outcome that I fail to realise that the process is as valuable and that I am learning a great deal and becoming in the process. We are too often handicapped by logic, realism, shunning spirituality failing to acknowledge that the creative act is nothing short of divine nature.  


Stop questioning your potential and embrace the constraints that are needed in the field of creative thinking, and whatever you do, don’t lose the wonder, the childlike spirit, the joy attached to the act of creating something of substance, in genuine and sweet abandon manifest the gifting’s that are on the inside of you.  Become an outlet to all there is in God; release your confined brilliance, by awakening to the transformative process which comes naturally when we do the inside job. 


Creative endeavors require courage, sensitivity, and authenticity; they are an insult to the status quo and rigid societal systems and a great elevation of our collective consciousness. They are also an outrage to death and mortality as they seek to endure and maintain the world in an eternal state of wonder and ecstasy. They are an indictment to today’s idols of materialism and conformity as they seek the divine realm of true expression and bliss. Every day we decide to explore our potential is the day we choose courage over fear, discomfort over comfort, and legacy over complacency.

If it so happens that you are not where you are supposed to be, please don’t fret, even if your future still looks bleak at 40, life doesn’t have a roadmap or a formula, and a lot of the time we are victims of societal pressures and unmet expectations. Last but not least, trust your instincts, you already know what you want to stop listening to people who don’t know where your dreams are taking you.

And here you have it friend! Please let me know in the comment section how you are using your creative to build your dream business. Feel free to reach for a chat if you need help, click here to get started!



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