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How to write a life manifesto and begin your journey to self-actualization


Manifesto: a public declaration of principles, policies and intentions…

This life is yours to live, but the sad reality is that we find ourselves in societies that have already assigned labels and roles to us without our consent.

The choice that we make as adults define the rest of our lives, so if at any point you are not where you want to be, it is always a good idea to go back to the drawing board and decide on a new way ahead. I believe the biggest flex is living life on your own terms, it is by far the greatest luxury.

Having a manifesto allows you to write your life story the way you have always wanted to be. It will also keep you accountable. This is a promise that you make to yourself, I hope that you will keep and create the life that you want.

I help you lay it out, I have used an 8-pillar model that highlights these eight specific areas- spiritual, emotional, mental, social, creative, professional, financial, physical-that I believe we need to succeed and to lead a wholesome life. This does not have to be your current reality, you can definitely be aspirational.

Remember to be patient with yourself as you go along, for some of us it is just a continuation of a life well-lived but, for the rest of us, it is literally building from the ashes of our painful pasts. Whichever category you find yourself in, I hope that I can be of service to you, and please know that I am rooting and praying for you. It is your time to win! I have included my own to give you an idea on how to phrase yours.

1.Spiritual Life Manifesto: speaks to unconditional love, communion, fellowship, right to exist, value systems, etc.

  • I love God with all of my heart and love my neighbor as myself
  • I put God first through worship, the reading of His Word and gratitude
  • I seek God’s will for my life through the counsel of His word
  • I pursue spiritual maturity
  • I trust God to pick me up when I fall
  • I trust God with my future hence I avoid dishonest practices that might dishonor Him, me or my neighbor
  • I exist as per divine design which makes me worthy of the life that I lead.

2. Emotional Life Manifesto: speaks to emotional wholeness/healing, self-acceptance, self-awareness, inner confidence, authenticity, happiness, boundaries, worthiness, love language, communication style, etc.

  • I am healed and whole from all the trauma, dysfunction and unhealthy patterns that I was subjected to in my childhood
  • I heal my inner child through self-compassion, acceptance and confidence
  • I love myself and embrace my flaws
  • I speak life over my heart, soul and mind
  • I seek relationships that enrich me and challenge me to become my authentic self
  • I am not a victim of circumstances or people’s wicked acts towards me
  • I am open to love, trust, honest, protection, loyalty, abundance and peace.
  • I am not the cause of chaos nor do I hold ill-intent towards anyone
  • I honor my heart and my body by choosing the right environment to thrive in.
  • I avoid drama and dysfunction like the plague
  • I indulge in activities and foods that make my heart happy

3. Mental Life Manifesto: speaks to inner work, belief systems, mindset, brain work, personal growth, intelligence type, etc.

  • I feed my mind useful and helpful information
  • I value my time
  • I have a great work ethic
  • I think of things that are valuable to my personal growth and of those around me
  • I am enough and so is everyone else
  • I embrace habits and beliefs that are propelling me to my chosen future and hope
  • I prioritize my mental wellbeing through therapy, by paying attention to my triggers and choosing thrive in an healthy environment
  • I am a brilliant mind

4. Creative Life Manifesto: speaks to creative freedom, flow, voice, epiphanies, expression, inspiration, etc.

  • I am a creator of beautiful things
  • I embrace my creativity through self-expression
  • I share my creativity with the world by being true to myself and feeding off other creators
  • I choose to go after the life that sets my soul on fire
  • I choose to be enlightened by God, the Ultimate Creator and to be inspired by His Work

5. Financial Life Manifesto: speaks to financial literacy, management, wealth creation systems, etc.

  • Money is my servant
  • I have the ability to create wealth for generations to come
  • I have multiple streams of income
  • I put my money to good use by providing myself and for those in need
  • I am generous with my time and my money
  • I don’t use my money for injustices of any kind

6. Physical Life Manifesto: speaks to body positivity, fitness, nutrition, rest, healthy lifestyle, etc.

  • I love my body irrespective of its shape and size
  • I live in this Temple of God so I will honor Him by eating right, exercising, working and resting
  • I thank my body for all that it allows me to do
  • I am grateful to exist in this time and space
  • I live in harmony with this planet

7. Professional Life Manifesto: speaks to professional growth, entrepreneurship, career growth, relationships, working habits, etc.

  • I excel in everything that I have set my mind to do
  • I am punctual, hardworking, creative and dedicated to creating profitable businesses
  • I acquire skills through reading, networking, on-the-job training and other related activities
  • I love my businesses and the people I work with
  • I am a source of learning and great insight
  • I am wise with my time and resources

8. Social Life Manifesto: speaks to relationships, community, support system, conflict resolution and management, etc.

  • I have a great support system
  • I am a loving and supporting person
  • I shower people with gifts, a listening ear, hugs, prayers and all the things they need to thrive in life
  • I expect reciprocity in relationships
  • I don’t know stay in places and relationships that dishonor me
  • I go where I am celebrated
  • I honor nature through conscious living
  • I have a good relationship with God and people

Remember, your life manifesto is by no means set in stone,you get to update as you grow and evolve. The important thing is that it provides you with a roadmap for living a fulfilling and meaningful life.

By embracing these principles, we believe that we can create a world where creativity and self-expression are celebrated and valued, where everyone has the opportunity to bring their visions to life, and where the impact of our work is felt for generations to come.

Now over to you…



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