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Embody your brilliance: How to leverage your uniqueness to build your dream business


There is simply no one like you, your unique life’s experiences, your skillset, your culture, religious background, are all very unique elements of your personal journey. What I need you to tap in is that uniqueness because that will play a huge part in your “relatability” factor which is what people are more interested in than your offer quite honestly.

In my post on the 7-step roadmap to creating a successful online brand, I shared seven key steps that need to be taken in order to succeed online; today I am elaborating on the very first step, your Why? Your unique journey, skillset and concept!

People want to know your why, your intentions! How you relate with them on a personal level, how you make them feel, the solution(s) that you bring to them. It is easy to buy into what is sold on the internet as “blueprint, system, roadmap” and quite honestly there is nothing wrong with that, I am sharing with you my blueprint but that blueprint is based on what worked for me and while it might certainly work for you, I want you to consider your uniqueness and your personal message and how that all collide in the building of your dream business.

Your unique story will attract your tribe, the people assigned to your purpose. I truly believe each of us has a story to tell and a space to occupy, it is never crowded when you show up as you are. So move with conviction by showing up as your authentic self!

Answering the following questions is foundational to your success and will help you convey your story and other people’s stories; your narrative plays a great role in the choices that you make and the ideas that you choose to pursue.

I think it is very important that we create a narrative for our brand but for ourselves in general, no matter how big or small your business is you owe to yourself and your people to share your journey, as imperfect or embarrassing as it may be, people relate more to your story when they can see themselves in it. Your brand story should be relatable and inclusive, once people see themselves in your story they will want to join in and be part of your story.

We begin by a series with a 5-part reflective questions that will assess your personal motives, intentions for starting the business, your creative process and your belief system. The questionnaire will gauge your readiness, skills, concept and values. By doing the introspective work you will gain the clarity needed to design your role and the roles of the people who will be involved directly or indirectly in the success your business. So let’s dive in!

We are going to assess your personal journey, your unique concept, the people connected to your voice and how you bring it all together by choosing the right communication style and platforms. This will require a great deal of hardwork, collaboration, resilience and an adaptable mind and flexible outlook on life and business. Seeing your vision come to life will be all worth it at the end, you are impacting your life and your community at large by creating something of your own, it is going to be incredibly rewarding. So buckle up and brace yourself for the journey ahead, you got this!

Now, as you get ready to implement your idea and turn it into a viable brand, these are the clear steps that you will have to take. They are foundational and help you convey your story and other people’s stories; remember your narrative plays a great role in the choices that you make and the ideas that you choose to pursue.

Your brand story should be relatable and inclusive, once people see themselves in your story they will want to join in and be part of your story. A carefully crafted plan and detailed structure are paramount to the success of your brand; by following these steps you are developing a framework for your brand story to be told most effectively and authentically. As you probe, seek to understand, and serve, you will develop a plan of action and choose an effective mode of communication from the myriads of channels and tools available online.

 Let’s get started:


It is essential to conduct a thorough self-assessment. By understanding your strengths, weaknesses, and passions, you can then identify the areas where my entrepreneurial endeavors would thrive. Assessing your skills and talents provided clarity on the value that you could bring to the table, enabling you to make a meaningful impact in my chosen field.

Through this process, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and honed in on the areas where my true potential lies. Reflecting on your past experiences and life events, the pivotal moments that led you to this entrepreneurial crossroad. Whether it was witnessing the struggles of others, encountering a problem I was passionate about solving, or recognizing untapped market opportunities, each instance played a role in sparking your entrepreneurial fire. Discuss the experience that motivated you to explore entrepreneurship as a means to create positive change and leave a lasting impact on the world.

So let’s start with your personal history:

  1. What is your story?
  2. How do past experiences and life events align with your current business venture or business idea?
  3. What specific life events or experiences have led you to consider entrepreneurship as a means of creating positive change?
  4. Can you identify a specific problem or challenge that you are passionate about solving, and how does it align with my entrepreneurial aspirations?
  5. How have you recognized untapped market opportunities that inspired you to explore entrepreneurship as a means of addressing those gaps?
  6. How did these pivotal moments and experiences shape your entrepreneurial mindset and fuel my desire to make a lasting impact on the world?
  7. How does your entrepreneurial journey connect with my own personal growth and development?


We will then do a skills inventory and vision building for a clear path forward. By leveraging your skills, talents, and expertise, you can allocate responsibilities effectively, assemble a capable team, and navigate the challenges that arise along the way. Flexibility and adaptability will be vital as you refine and iterate your business model to ensure long-term success.Defining a clear vision, mission, objectives, and purpose is crucial to shaping the direction of my entrepreneurial journey. These elements serve as guiding lights, reminding you of the bigger picture and the impact you want to create. Having a well-defined purpose allows you to stay on track and focused during the inevitable challenges and setbacks that come with entrepreneurship. It will give you a sense of direction and a framework for decision-making, helping you prioritize actions that align with my long-term goals.

  1. What are your core skills, talents, and expertise that can be leveraged in my entrepreneurial journey?
  2. Have you conducted a comprehensive skills inventory to identify my strengths and areas for improvement?
  3. What additional skills or knowledge do you need to acquire in order to succeed in your chosen industry or market?
  4. Have you set clear goals and milestones for developing and enhancing your skills to support my entrepreneurial endeavors?
  5. How can I effectively communicate my vision to stakeholders, including team members, investors, and customers?
  6. What strategies can I employ to build a cohesive and motivated team that shares and supports my entrepreneurial vision?
  7. How will I navigate potential obstacles or challenges that may arise in pursuing your vision, and what resources or support do you need?
  8. Have I considered potential risks and uncertainties in my vision, and how will I proactively mitigate or address them?
  9. How can you regularly assess and evaluate my progress towards my vision, and what adjustments or adaptations may be necessary along the way?
  10. How can I leverage my skills, talents, and expertise to effectively allocate responsibilities within my team? Discuss your business objectives for at least in the next three years.


An entrepreneurial business venture must address a genuine need in the market or society. By carefully analyzing the gaps and challenges in my chosen industry, you can then develop a unique concept that would provide a solution. Understanding the problem you want to solve will allow you to meet the needs of your target audience effectively.

Transitioning from an idea to a tangible business venture requires careful planning and execution. Mapping out a comprehensive business plan, setting achievable milestones, and identifying the necessary resources are critical steps in the process. So here are some of the questions that you can ask yourself about the viability and uniqueness of your concept:

  1. How does my concept differentiate itself from existing businesses or solutions in the market?
  2. What unique value does my concept bring to customers that they can’t find elsewhere?
  3. How can I effectively communicate the uniqueness of my concept to potential customers and investors?
  4. What are the key milestones that you need to achieve in order to turn my concept into a successful business venture?
  5. Have I identified and secured the necessary resources (financial, human, technological, etc.) to bring my concept to reality?
  6. How will I measure and track the success of my concept as it progresses from the idea stage to becoming a tangible business venture?


We will then discuss community building and networking, seeking guidance and mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs can provide valuable insights and guidance throughout the process.

  1. Do you have a mentor?
  2. Who are the people do you look to for personal and professional growth?
  3. Who is your partner? Who is holding you accountable?
  4. What relationships do you need to build in order to get started?
  5. Describe your relations building plan, your partners, the networking events and groups that you will join to grow your business and influence.
  6. Have you sought guidance and mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs who can provide valuable insights and support throughout the process?


Entrepreneurship is not solely about financial gains; it is about creating a positive impact aligned with your beliefs and values. By clearly defining your core principles and ethical standards, you can establish a strong foundation for my business venture. Upholding integrity, sustainability, and social responsibility will guide my decision-making process and ensure that my offering aligns with the values of both my brand and my target audience. By staying true to your beliefs, you are building a business venture that reflects my authentic self and resonates with those who share similar values.

  1. How do your personal beliefs and values align with the mission and purpose of your business venture?
  2. How can you effectively communicate the core principles and ethical standards of your business venture to customers and stakeholders?
  3. Have you identified the potential social and environmental impacts of you business venture and integrated sustainability practices into your business model?
  4. How can you ensure that my offering is in line with the values of my target audience and resonates with them on a deeper level?
  5. How can I foster a culture within my team that embraces and embodies the beliefs and values of my business venture?
  6. Have you considered the potential conflicts that may arise between profitability and adhering to your ethical standards, and how will you navigate these challenges?
  7. How can your leverage my authentic self and personal values to differentiate your business and build a strong connection with my target audience?


There you have it, friend! Embarking on your entrepreneurial journey will certainly be deeply personal and transformative experience. I hope this thorough assessment will give you a great head start and will kick start your entrepreneurial journey with understanding and confidence! Let me know in the comment what you think of this list and how you are getting on!

Feel free to schedule a FREE sesh here if you need more clarity on the way forward!



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