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Bring your Idea to life using these simple 7 steps


“When you see the creative process clearly, your ideas will get synchronized with energy of the same frequency, multiplying in like kind. This is the swarming process. Suddenly when we most need perfect concentration there is only confusion. At these times it is critical to remember that the swarming of living creatures is part of the process. This idea is extremely important to hold on to when we are assaulted with a multitude of swarming ideas. At these times it is critical to be patient and let the swarming take place, to have faith that guidance is a continuum which progressively unfolds to those who believe, and that the chaos of swarming ideas can form itself into a cosmos of organized thought. In your particular experience of chaos, take time to realize that the same intelligence that made you in the first place continues to guide and direct you. Your chaos is your opportunity to have your own dancing star. For every question there is an answer, for every weakness there is strength, for every lack there is abundance. Let the swarming take place”


The creative process, the process that seeks to translate your imagination, your inspiration into a concept, a thought, something visual and tangible, can be novel or built on someone else’s idea.

The more you indulge your imagination and decide to pursue your chosen idea, the more you discover a concept that solves a problem, educates or entertains people. Here is where we can say that “chance favors the connected mind”, you then put your imagination to work. You have this great idea that you are trying to turn into a work of art, a product, a song, a poem, etc. It is very important to act on your idea as soon inspiration hits you, otherwise you might lose your flow. You work with this raw idea that you have to process into a finished product, so understand that this is by no means an exact science. Sometimes you have to marinate it or ruminate on it depending on the circumstances that have availed themselves.

You have to keep connecting the dots: idea generation is essentially an epiphany that results from a person’s ability to mentally connect the relationship between two or more different but related ideas/thoughts; when joined together you can then create something new, never seen before. 

I am essentially discussing the creative process, the process of bringing your business idea or your art project to life; it is the process of generating and developing new ideas, using proven techniques to achieve a desired goal; I am sharing brainstorming techniques that will help you get started. Sometimes our ideas can overwhelm us and leave us jaded and unproductive.

So let’s begin by defining the creative process, Rollo May defines it as “the expression of this passion for form. It is the struggle against disintegration, the struggle to bring into existence new kinds of being that give harmony and integration.”

I have personally always been fascinated by people’s creative process whether is coming up with a makeup look, writing a song, or designing a new gadget, I am always curious about how they moved from idea to realization, from that spark of inspiration to a working solution or a piece of art.

I am speaking specifically about creating not analyzing I think it is a mistake we commonly make as creatives, we are so attached to the outcome that oftentimes the line between the process and analysis is blurred. Our wild imagination feeds us raw images, designs, words, and patterns that involve a great amount of work to be translated into tangible objects, business solutions, and forms of art. It is about connecting unrelated elements until they form part of a coherent system, school of thought if you will.

I know from personal experience that the process is not always black and white and that it can be overwhelming at times, this is the reason I am going to share idea development techniques to get the juice flowing as I understand there are a billion creative ways of doing things; like painters and product developers have different creative processes and each process is defined and developed through a different mindset and setting so this is in no way a clear or clean process.

This process is certainly not linear but iterative so here it is: 

1. Storyboarding

This is a process that involves developing a visual story to build a coherent narrative, use words, stories, and images to convey your message, and address the problem at hand. This helps you visualize the elements that you will be working with and how to correlate them to form part of the solution that you are providing. Visualize the whole concept and give it shape and form and a sequence.

It is also important that you clearly define your concept and the need that it will address.

2. Mind Mapping

This is another visual activity that helps you organize your ideas, you start with your idea in the center then work expand and keep adding layers that address the problem that you are trying to address, breaking every task into smaller activities hence making it more manageable and understandable. Run your idea through a web of thoughts and concepts.

3. Group Sketching

Another form of visual thinking and designing that uses sketching as a way to develop a concept. This is a team activity that involves each member of the team sketching an image related to the topic at hand, the activity is repeated then exchanged amongst team members until a final image is chosen and discussed for the discovery stage.

4. Zero Draft

The technique is used by writers, it involves writing down everything about a chosen topic, knowledge about the topic, and research needed about the topic then reflect on the importance of the topic getting in the flow so to speak. This helps you focus and get your ideas out in the world starting from scratch using what we already know in the hope to find what we need to know and finding out if the project is worth pursuing or if it needs a new direction.

5. Improvisation

As the name implies, this is a creative process that is performed without prior preparation. It is commonly used by actors, musicians, and singers in the hope to discover new ways to act, practice, and create music, theater, and other forms of artistic expression. It helps to get the creative juice flow and encourages spontaneity.

6. Observations

This is an ideation technique that allows you to observe and assess the assumptions that you made on a given problem; list all your assumptions and hypotheses for research purposes. You then observe your assumptions in a real-life setting to identify gaps in your original thinking. It is about learning from all that surrounds us.

7. Brain-Writing

This is an ideation technique done in a group setting and that involves participants writing down their ideas then passing them around to their colleagues who add their ideas until it is ready for collection and discussion. This is the best way to get everyone to participate and give out their feedback in a group setting.


So here you have it, 7 idea development techniques that help you to get started, now I want to hear from you:

  • What idea development technique(s) are you currently using?
  • Are you going to apply any of these suggested ideation techniques?
  • What techniques have you been using in the past?
  • Are you familiar with any of these techniques?
  • Which other idea development techniques are you currently using or have used in the past? 
  • How does your creative process normally looks like?


Creatively yours!

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