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Unlock Your Inner Power: 8 Steps to Rebuild Confidence and Embrace Your Worthiness


“Within me is the unborn possibility of limitless living, and mine is the privilege of giving birth to it.” Eric Butterworth

Life has it weird ways or should I say its harsh way of taking us off course and make  us feel like we are doomed to go through the motions. I am not here to sugarcoat things or offer you a quick solution to your predicament. What life has taught me is that there is always more at play than what I can see or even sense and I have relied on a truth that I am sharing with you to encourage you on your respective journeys.

My wish for you is that you become acquainted with who God called you to be. You are a masterpiece, His treasured possession. Everything about your life was designed by His creative hand. You exist as per divine design, you don’t have to be anything other than yourself. God’s infinite wisdom wanted you here at this time and place. I want you to remember that every time life hits so hard you can hardly believe your luck, I need these to be truths that you abide by as you create the life of your dreams.

You are endowed with so much and this journey is full of opportunities but before you can get hold of them, here are some truths to live by:

1. You are worthy

Zero in on your worth and trust God to lead you where He wants for maximum impact. Our time is here is limited, this side of eternity is but a breath so please do not waste anymore of your time hating on yourself. If you can change your condition then do by all means but if you cannot own and learn to love it.

2. Learn your heart

Your inmost desires, your values, and your aspiration. Look at your life and decide on a way forward; a way that honors every bit of your intricate self. Think about it: you are unique, with a one-of-a-kind combination of talents, skills, and personality traits. You have been created with purpose and intentionality. Cultivate self-awareness and invest in activities that bring the best of and in you. Look for clues in your surrounding and in your personal story.

3. Focus on your uniqueness

You were created to be exactly who you are, with all your strengths and weaknesses, all your quirks and idiosyncrasies. You are not a mistake, nor are you a random accident. You were created with a specific purpose in mind, and your life has meaning and significance. Now go out there and live your best life, knowing that you are a masterpiece in every sense of the word! I know it is certainly not as simple as it sounds, it took a while to get to a place of worthiness. It is completely normal to feel unworthy at some point in life.

This feeling can arise from various sources such as traumatic experiences, societal pressure, and personal insecurities. When you feel unworthy, it can be challenging to move forward and achieve your goals. This is why I want to encourage you to look within yourself sort of like doing a life inventory as of what or who is causing you to feel unworthy and what actions you can take to remedy to that. I am suggesting a few here but I want to dig deep and find the roots of your personal discomforts.

4. Speak kindly to yourself

Learn self-compassion, a lot of our inner dialogues are the resounding voices of adults in our childhood. If you were not loved and cater to as child it is near impossible to feel any sense of worthiness because you essentially have no frame of reference for love, grace and safety. So you internalize the mean comments, the abuse and the rejection which eventually become self-rejection. So every time you have a wrong thought about yourself, take a trip back to memory lane and deconstruct the madness and speak kindly to that little child. The more kindly you speak to yourself, the more grace you give to yourself, the more comfortable you will feel.

5. You bring a lot to the table

Understand your worth by analyzing what you bring to the table, sometimes the people who need us the most put us down because they see a light in us that we don’t even see in ourselves and it takes distancing ourselves from them and gaining a new perspective to see that we are valuable. So again do an inventory of what you do for others.

6. Choose your circle wisely

Who you decide to surround yourself with either contribute to your emotional well-being or deter it. You need people who pray for you, bring out the best in you, call you out on your BS (kindly I must say) and who will mention your name when potential opportunities for you might arise. Those are rare gems, but you rather be by yourself than being surrounded by people who are not for you.

7. Create a life of your own choosing

Be clear about what you want out of life, set realistic goals and chase after them. By achieving what you set to do, you will more confident and in touch with your inner self. There is nothing quite like a life well-lived, make it a priority, put your needs first then pay it forward. Dreamers are givers!
Being alive is nothing short of a miracle let us thrive while we are and let’s not allow societal pressures dictate how we should feel about ourselves. Creating a life of our choosing requires guts, stamina we can be ruled by our feelings or the opinions of others. So I hope that I have shared enough to get you back on track, into a place of joy and authenticity.

8. Stay Inspired

Pay attention to your imagination, the moment of inspiration, experiences, conversations, new ideas. Keep igniting the fire within and feed your curiosity and various passions. The thought-provocations show that you watched, the breathtaking scenery, the laughter of a child; all the little things that enrich life and make it this wonderful and unpredictable adventure.

Practice mindfulness and gratitude every chance that you get, focusing on the important things, reflect on your life, lessons that you have learned along the way, the people that shaped who you are. Let inspiration lead you to the life of your choosing.

Here you have it friend, be encouraged, be uplifted and may you always remember that God is with you and is for you!

From my heart to yours!


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